Simply Electric!

Why should you settle for “just-so”? With Verdict Electric, you don't have to! You'll always get the best licensed electrician in the business when you choose us as your electric company. No worries, either: You'll also be getting an insured electrician! When it comes to electrical contractors, we provide the best. So give us a call today!

Our Services

Needing an emergency electrician is no joke. We can provide one around the clock to restore power, or to deal with issues like wiring repair, light switch repair, or circuit breaker repair. For those eying and installation, we can help! Our electrical installation service is available for your next outlet installation, electrical panel installation, or light fixture installation.

Work Hours

We’re always available. We even keep team members on call overnight and on holidays.

Service Area

Happy to travel anywhere in Brooklyn or around Kings County to get the job done.

2915 Yoseph Robinson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210

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